Proline Barcelona employs engineers specialized in textile manufacture and textile surfaces, covering the complete range for manufacturing textile products.
Our skilled team employs are expertise on cutting-edge sewing techniques for diverse applications. At our facilities, we operate a range of sewing machines, from simple industrial stitching to automated machinery. This machinery is optimased for complex stitches found in designs or projects, we specialize in working with technical fabrics, including woven and knitted materials, non-woven fabrics, leather, plastics, films, composites, and more.
Our welding technique is founded on High-Frequency Welding Technology, enabling us to seamlessly weld various fabrics with PU or PVC coating or films. We work on designing and fabricating complex inflatable systems and products. Moreover, this technology serves as a high-frequency embossing method, allowing us to create aesthetic marks, etchings, visual effects, or imprint brand logos and other symbols directly onto the fabric.
In our facilities, we employ two different cutting technologies to enhance efficiency. The primary and most utilized method is the electric knife, enabling us to swiftly cut through multiple layers of fabric and optimize cutting time. Complementing this, we utilize a CO2 laser cutter, allowing for precision cutting of various materials. Our expertise extends to cutting woven, knitted, and non-woven fabrics, slim foams, plastics, and artificial/natural leather. This technology is instrumental in cutting intricate pattern shapes or small pieces that may pose challenges or be impossible to cut with traditional electric knives.
Leveraging our CO2 laser cutter or HF Welding Technology in engraving mode, we can etch captivating visual effects or brand logos onto our clients' products. This versatile technology is applicable to a wide array of fabrics and materials available in the market. Not only does this method enhance visual aspects of the final product, but it also adds durability, surpassing traditional textile printing.
We provide various textile printing techniques on different kinds of fabrics and materials, tailored to meet our clients' needs. Our customers have the flexibility to choose from screen printing, digital printing, and transfer printing, among other options. Additionally, we continually explore new printing technologies and dyes to offer innovative solutions for diverse printing requirements.
Our clients have the flexibility to choose the size and thread colors for the stitching design, allowing for a personalized touch. This versatile technology is applicable to a wide range of fabrics and is perfect for showcasing your logo, slogan, tagline, or more on the final product. All this allows us to adapt and personalize the logo under the most precise specifications required by the project.

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