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Since our history began more than 30 years ago, we have been engaged in the manufacturing, designing, and collective growth as a team. Currently, we hold a prominent position as a leading company in our sector.


Handling everything in-house, from the initial steps to the final stages, we adhere to tradition while embracing sustainable and local business practices. By doing so, we contribute value to the textile sector.

Sustainability and values

Throughout our rich history, our commitment to the KM0 business model has defined our ethos. Grounded in a familial environment, we place paramount importance on our greatest asset: the human team. As we navigate our journey, several core principles guide us:


Devoted to sustainable practices, ensuring environmentally responsible business operations that contribute positively to the sector.


Upholding the highest standards of quality from product design to manufacturing, prioritizing excellence at every step.


Open communication and transparency are fundamental in our interactions with clients, partners, and within our organization, building trust through clear and honest communication.


Focused on specialization to excel in chosen domains, dedicating efforts to specific areas for depth of expertise and innovation.


While embracing innovation, we honor and value our legacy, blending heritage and modernity to form the foundation of our identity.


Overcoming challenges is part of our journey. We approach setbacks with resilience, learning and growing stronger through each experience.
These principles not only guide our actions but also contribute to our position as a forward-thinking and socially responsible entity in our sector.


We began in 1994, and our journey speaks for itself.

Our essence is defined by the union of innovation and tradition, supported by our principles, values ​​and human team. Along with specialization and transparency, we have generated trust with our clients and partners, promoting more than 30 years of industrial activity.

Preserving our roots and know-how is vital for our organization. We constantly seek a vision of the future, contributing innovation, energy, effort and talent in every step we take.

Sustainability and our principles are key to our development and future objectives.

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