PROLINE BARCELONA designs and manufactures custom-made top quality textile products from nylon fabrics and an infinite number of other materials like polyester, polyurethane films, 3D fabrics, etc

We are based in Terrassa, but our roots are in Barcelona city centre, where we started our company 22 years ago. We have build up a lot of experience over the years by cooperating and by working side by side with our customers and our team

Our main goal is a satisfied customer, who feels well served during the whole process. Their product is our product and for that reason we are painstakingly dedicated to workmanship and functionality.

Our approach and our formula:


Our strongest asset is our team of people. Together we created a pleasant working atmosphere where all of us through proactivity, responsibility and efficiency thrive to satisfy our customers’ needs. We are a team of highly qualified specialists that cover all tasks, from technical development, clothing and design, pattern making and sewing.

We consider ourselves innovators. We are also reliable and trustworthy and have strong sense of responsibility. That is the key to our success and that of our customers.

Our working philosophy makes us stand out as a service company in a technical world developing unique products. We excel above the competition through sophisticated technology and through our dedication.

In PROLINE BARCELONA we take on the needs of our customers like they are our own. We work side by side with them, sharing our concerns and our ideas in order to advance towards the a satisfying result. We grow together with our customers and would like to become partners.