Electronic Equipment Protection: Special Covers

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Technical textiles in Barcelona

Protection, coming from the Latin -protectĭo- is a preventive strategy against possible risks or problems, and the action and effect of protecting is synonymous with safeguarding, defending or protecting.

Protecting electronic equipment is very important, as it requires certain conditions of care for its proper functioning.

It is becoming increasingly common for portable electronic equipment to be fitted as standard, with housings that are resistant to weather conditions and everyday use.

Accidents happen and these electronic devices shielded, or semi-armoured to dust particles and water are ideal.

Capable of withstanding splashes of non-corrosive liquids -some even resist immersion-, sand, sawdust, soot and environmental impurities for a short period of time.

Some are also able to follow us in our professional, sports and leisure routines regardless of the level of mud, snow or water.

Others more specific are resistant to shocks of different magnitudes depending on the use for which they were designed. 

An electronic device for every need

We live in the age of communications and technology, and electronic equipment is present in virtually all human activity.

At every level, personally and professionally, humans use electronic equipment on a daily basis.

Technical Textiles in Barcelona

And since there is equipment for each specific use, there is the possibility of creating a specific case for each of them.

And this possibility arises from certain protection needs. But it also provides the possibility of considering the optimisation of mobility, the transport of electronic equipment.

Smart second skin

The electronic equipment has R+D+I that takes into account certain degrees of protection. But to manufacture a cover that reinforces the outstanding characteristics of the product and also offers comfort to be transported, is a solution that provides value at all levels.

Technical Textiles in Barcelona

Both professionally and personally, a technical case made specifically for certain purposes will go a long way towards preserving the equipment. In addition, it can be used more often and for a longer period of time = amortisation.

The covers we manufacture at Proline Barcelona are a second skin developed from the needs of transport and protection.

These are some examples of models of technical textile covers manufactured at Proline Barcelona.

Technical Textiles in Barcelona


Perfect because they allow a very good distribution of the weight in mobility and free completely the arms and hands.

The technical backpacks are based on the basic design of a traditional backpack, a bag with two adjustable handles to hang from both shoulders over the back or chest but which is optimised to comply with certain specific directives.

In Proline Barcelona we work from the idea to the final technical textile product so we offer our customers the best alternatives to meet their needs effectively.

Technical Textiles in Barcelona

Technical materials and closures, specific compartments and volume adaptability, extra protection and specific functionality. These are some of the basic characteristics of the technical backpacks that our team manufactures in our facilities.

So, here are examples of our work in the medical sector:

Technical Textiles in Barcelona


Mobile phones and portable music players also have technical protection options.

As a result and example of this, we have metik.es (metik.es) a company that designs products for athletes.

Technical Textiles in Barcelona

Proline Technical Textiles in Barcelona

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