Technical Textile Design at Proline Barcelona

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Technical Textile Design

The transformation of fabrics and fabrics is a skillful practice that combines an artistic style with a detailed knowledge of textiles. It is not enough to have a good eye for design in this sector, since the way a textile material works with a specific product It also plays an important factor in the final production and desired performance of the projected textile product.

Technical Textile Design

Technical textile design is an essential aspect of the manufacturing process and, for many brands, fashion for example, it is necessary to have a unique print or surface pattern for the brand identity, or technical characteristics that give the textile product specific qualities.

Textile design is found in all sectors of the fashion industry, from garments to wholesale to high-end collections but it is also very present in the manufacture of specific technical textile material for the proper development of multi-dimensional products sectors such as the medical and sports sectors.

Technical textile design

If a brand is looking to diversify into the market and create products that are truly unique, In both the cosmetic and technical aspect hiring the skills of a textile designer is a great option.

What is a textile designer?

Simply put, a textile designer is a person who makes designs for woven fabrics, knitted or printed for the production of clothing and interior decoration. It also covers, as is the case of Proline Barcelona, the transformation of textiles to adapt to textile technical projects.

Technical textile design

The designs they create can be used for unique product lines or in most the cases, for repetitive manufacturing.

Small businesses often overlook this type of design due to constraints budgeting, however, if you invest in design work specially created for your brand will differentiate it from the thousands of main designs in the consumer market and you will ensure that the final product meets all the technical characteristics for which it was conceived.

A textile designer has many qualities and can bring a wealth of experience. to your brand. Some of the main elements they cover include:

  • Creating sketches and samples for presentation
  • Interpretation of brand ideas and concepts
  • Use of specialized software to aid in the process
  • Advice on best practices and design elements for the chosen fabrics
  • Procurement of suitable textiles according to the requirements of the final product and the brand
  • Up-to-date industry knowledge and trends

What to prepare before working with a textile designer

One of the first places to start is with your initial ideas. Drawings and sketches are the basis of good design. A textile specialist will need these concepts to help you to create a solid basis for the final design and operational technical characteristics.

At Proline Barcelona we are specialists in technical textile design, fabric transformation, fabrics and manufacture of technical textile products.

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Technical Textile Design