PRESOTHERAPY: A health ally

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Another great invention to improve your health: Presotherapy

The best method to eliminate those annoying pockets of fat that accumulate under our skin (particularly in the buttocks and legs) which appear as notches or undesirable protuberances, has already been invented:


It is important to know that the enemy of cellulite is not creams or gyms, but this innovative procedure that will take only half an hour out of your day for a short period of time.

Certainly there are many ways to fight the dreaded cellulite: massage sessions, exercise routines, specialised body lotions are some of the alternatives. But when looking for effectiveness, this method is the most sought after.

How does it work?

This method uses special technical suits that work with air pumps, which increase the blood flow, reduce swelling and make oxygen circulate better preventing the legs getting tired, among other benefits.


All over the world, specialised professionals or Spa’s are switching to Pressotherapy and encouraging their clients to choose this technique instead of the well-known liposuction.


Is it worth it?

The deep stimulation that these Pressotherapy technical suits of achieve is not obtained with a professional masseur. There is a guarantee that the skin will be softer and that it will not become saggy after the treatment.

The air pressure exerted by each of the compartments and the supervision of an expert make this therapy a solution that provides long-term benefits. And, as it is a gradual procedure it avoids the risk of a possible reappearance of fat and an improvement in many other pathologies.

Presotherapy is therefore not only used for aesthetic purposes by people who want to get rid of cellulite. It’s also recommended for patients with diabetes and other health problems.

It may seem like an expensive procedure, but if you consider it carefully, the difference between the result and the time invested makes it the best option.

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