INDUSTRIAL PATTERNS: fundamental aspects of the creation of a technical textile product

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Industrial pattern making is a technique used professionally to create patterns with the help of different measurements that correspond to a previous study of measurements of the human body or based on a product.  


Industrial pattern making
Industrial pattern making

All this in order to obtain a design through a piece that is drawn on a sheet of paper, which then becomes a piece for sewing.

In short, a technique that marks the beginning of a technical textile product.

Fundamental aspects to be taken into account in order to create a quality technical textile product

Haute couture professionals such as dressmakers or tailors make garments for specific customers, which is why industrial pattern making differs from this type of clothing, as it requires specific techniques and certain fundamental aspects to be taken into account to achieve the creation a unique technical textile product:

The industrial pattern maker must make patterns and make quality technical textile products for end customers he does not know and will not know. In addition, these garments must perfectly satisfy their tastes and/or specific technical needs.

Industrial pattern making

Sometimes the pattern maker may be able to take measurements if he works for a specific client that allows him to create patterns or moulds of exact measurements.

However, the work must be done in a professional manner without the risk of errors in the technical textile product finally obtained. A tailor can carry out tests of his design on the client and make the necessary modifications.

The garment made by an industrial pattern maker must attach to the body of the person or meet the parameters of the required product without the need for testing.

The importance of procedures

In order to do this, the procedure for the design of the patterns and the final elaboration of the technical garment must be correctly followed.

Through this protocol, the pieces that make up the final technical textile product are made separately, with the aim that each piece meets the requirements necessary to obtain as a result a garment that offers total comfort and technical operational quality.

In order for the final product obtained to satisfy the client’s expectations, the design must be interpreted correctly, starting from a basic pattern, the product is developed, transforming it according to the highest standards of safety, quality and above all, complying with the requirements demanded.

Industrial pattern making

As you can see, industrial pattern making has a certain complexity that only professionals in the area can handle to perfection, to provide unique products that meet the standards of presentation, durability, quality and distinction.

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