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The idea of a business or product usually arises in a fleeting and unpredictable way, whether motivated by our experiences, the environment in which we operate or new market trends.

When an idea arises it is very important to be brave and commit to the dreams and ideals that are planned, is the best thing you can do to start off. To start a project, it is necessary to have the help and advice of professionals, this may be the best option. The experience, specialisation and professionalism of a company in charge of developing the project will make the difference when turning an idea into a tangible product.


Textile Industrial design is very complex and requires a great deal of experience. It is common to see people who start their project with a basic idea and in the achieve an optimised product and much more efficient than expected. This is thanks to the services of an experienced company with a great track record. Similarly, there are entrepreneurs who opt for ideas that technically would not be advisable and, with a focus on quality, a new concept of a fully functional product is developed.

At Proline Barcelona we offer you all the advice and guidance you need to create your project… and we also play a fundamental role in developing and converting your idea into something functional and productive. With just an initial idea and entrepreneurs willing to invest you can achieve wonderful goals. Today there are no limits and there is a globalised world ready to experiment with new products and services. Be brave! A world of opportunities awaits you. Industrial design Proline Barcelona.


The success of a good project lies in innovation and versatility, however, these two factors depend very much on experience. Experience and professionalism allow us to create daring prototypes, but with high quality and very functional. This is where the success of our company arises, which creates innovative products based on the technical knowledge acquired through years of experience and trajectory. At Proline Barcelona we specialise in the elaboration of textile articles for pressotherapy. However, we cover all the process and tasks of development and textile manufacture in other types of products as well. We have more than 22 years of experience.

Another important aspect is the interaction with our customers. For Proline Barcelona the client is very important and from the first moment he contacts us he receives a cordial treatment and an efficient attention. The clients can visit our facilities and thus obtain knowledge of all the productive processes, as well as the materials used in them. An adequate interaction between the customer and the manufacturing company guarantees an exceptional and functional development of the product. When you contract the services of ProlineBarcelona you will have a whole technical and creative team, which will take care of turning your initial idea into a real project.

Industrial design has no secrets for us!