INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: The main objective, to meet the needs of the end user

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People’s needs are one of the engines that move the world

Many of today’s commercial activities have emerged as a requirement of society to meet a certain need that has become increasingly present.

But it is not always possible to find what is needed. Finding things that come close can be simple, but something that is exactly what you are looking for can become complicated. An unbeatable way to solve this problem is industrial design.

This concept arises with the intention of satisfying the needs of its users being this its main objective.

An idea that only exists in our mind can become a reality thanks to the tools that industrial design puts at our disposal.

Professional Industrial design

In order to achieve the best results in this whole process that turns something that only existed in our imagination into reality, it is essential to have the opinion of the client, of the person who knows exactly what they need, what they are looking for and how they want the product they are designing to be.

In this way, it is possible to know exactly the correct progress of the creation process and achieve the greatest possible satisfaction.

At Proline Barcelona we are specialists in industrial design. We materialise our customer’s ideas in a wide range of products. We work with a large number of textile materials which we determine according to the needs that the design must meet in terms of rigidity, texture, touch, appearance, weight, strength, usefulness, etc.

industrial design

We are especially professional in the design and creation of pressure therapy garments, a treatment that is increasingly in demand. Highly qualified professionals capable of interpreting, understanding and sometimes guessing the intention that our clients try to transmit and turn into reality what was initially just an idea.

Industrial design is the tool that must be used to achieve that an idea can become a prototype that meets some technical specifications and thereby also achieve satisfied customers.

industrial design

Materialising something that is needed, counting at all times with the customer’s advice, make the design that fits the product sought, build prototypes to get a glimpse of the desired goal, reach the final design that exactly matches what has to be achieved are some of the stages that make up the industrial design, thanks to which it is possible to make a subsequent production chain of the product designed.

industrial design

The industrial design is the absolute guarantee of being able to generate a certain product, the perfect way to offer something that is really needed, created especially for the client covering a certain need.

industrial design

At you will always find professionals willing to listen to you and carry out this project that is so important to you.