Industrial pattern making in Barcelona: Development to capture ideas

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Looking for Industrial pattern making in Barcelona?

As the manager of a design company  or being in  the textile design field; this article will be of great interest to you as it will tell you how we can provide you with effective professional support to capture ideas for your clients. Looking for Industrial pattern making in Barcelona?

Proline Barcelona has an R+D+i Department with vast experience in projects like those in your company.

Industrial pattern making in Barcelona and Design

We work, side by side, with each and every one of the companies that have requested our services for their projectsCommitted and providing our experience in the sector, we manage to define projects with excellence in a wide range of sectors.

From the planning stage to the end product specified by the client and, for over 25 years, we have been working on a national and international scale, guided by consistency in specialisation, in order to satisfy,  through the  latest technologies, our clients’ requirements and technical demands.

 Industrial pattern making in Barcelona

Just to mention a couple of sectors, as examples, the sports sector  and the health sector, create a large demand for specific technical textile products.

At Proline Barcelona we offer industrial pattern making services to develop patterns for the human body or for any other product.

The entire process requires specific techniques and fundamental aspects that are only learnt through experience.

Achieving the creation of a unique technical textile product is our speciality

We have a consolidated team that includes specialists in every area, who also perfectly know all the procedures applied to the development  of the product and offer  their experience in order to   give added value to the entire process.

Comprehensive procedure monitoring

Our work protocols include personalised monitoring of each procedure for the  design of the patterns and the end product of the technical article itself.

We build the parts that will make up  the technical textile product, so that it complies with all the necessary requirements to achieve a top quality, comfortable and technically operative article.

We work in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards and we strictly comply with all the requirements. The entire production process is important, good communication and interpretation of project information is fundamental in order to get the best results.

Count on us to achieve exactly what you need

We are a benchmark in the manufacturing of garments  for Pressotherapy and experts in the design and manufacture of all types of technical textiles.

Given our experience in the sector, we know that it is a hard road to find what you need for certain development processes.

Therefore, at Proline Barcelona,  you are in the best hands, we confect exactly what you need for your clients.

Professional industrial design also endorsed by a vast number of projects for a  large number of companies from varying sectors.

Raw materials

Our work includes large amount of textile materials that we determine as per the project’s requirements.

Polyester, nylon polyamide, polyurethane film and 3D materials are some of the many materials that we work with.

Top quality Ykk® zips, Velcro, Evolon® fabric, polypropylene and polyester tapes among others complete our selection of top quality fasteners and straps.

A team that makes it easy for you

Our human resources are highly skilled and simplify all of the processes, also upholding maximum efficiency and excellence in their work.

Professionals in the design and creation of technical textile garments with the ability to perfectly understand our clients’ need and turn their ideas into a reality.

We invite you to follow us on our social networks and  have a look at our website and get to know our work better.

You can contact us right now, click HERE, we are always  delighted to hear from you and to start out on the road together to carry out those projects that are so important to your company.

Industrial pattern making in Barcelona