A new example of design and industrial engineering

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Our design and technical department, has once again managed to create and outline the product that the customer needed, which in this case is an important customer in the automotive sector.
These items form part of the production chain and serve to protect parts of the vehicle during various operations in the process.
To protect, this is the main function that the product had to fulfil, and to do this our technical and R&D department has perfected the product to achieve the required functions to suit the vehicle production line.
The difficulty was in attaching the parts to the vehicle without damaging any of the bodywork and this has been fully achieved.
Before taking it to the machines where the physical part will be made, we use design and drawing programmes to create the pattern that will again make the article meet the specific characteristics required.
Raw materials and specific machinery are also an important part of our manufacturing process. With them, we complete this synergy that we make available and place at the service of our customers.
We repeat this process countless times, as it is our job to ensure that the customer is satisfied and assisted throughout the entire process, from the design to the delivery.