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Pressotherapy is one of the most innovative treatments available. Specifically, it is based on the placement of cuffs and garments capable of exerting pressure on specific areas of the body in order to detoxify the body through effective lymphatic drainage.

The health benefits are unquestionable, and at Proline Barcelona would like to explain them to you.

Especially noteworthy among the benefits of pressotherapy is the he improvement it causes in the blood circulation. This results in the solution of problems related to veins, such as varicose veins, but also swelling and redness of the extremities. It also favours the correct oxygenation of the skin, which results in a dermis that looks better and more vital. It also provides firmness, relaxes the legs and reduces the appearance of cellulite.


In order to carry out a treatment based on presotherapy, it is essential to use certain elements and garments capable of exerting the exact degree of pressure that your body needs to improve its problems. For this reason, Proline Barcelona takes its design and manufacturing very seriously. So you just have to put them on and wait for the results to appear.

In all the manufacturing processes of the pressotherapy jackets, cuffs, trousers, arms and boots that we carry out, we apply the most advanced technological mechanisms, thanks to which we ensure that our products are fully effective and, in addition, enjoy the highest possible quality. So much so that they will last for many years without any problem.

To ensure that our products are able to meet our customer’s requirements, during the process of design, manufacture and confection, we maintain direct and frequent contact with them, so that we are able to materialise and embody all the ideas that come to mind. It is very likely that this is the reason why our creations are very attractive aesthetically and are so functional, a combination that is not easy to achieve.

If you have any of the problems detailed at the beginning of this article or are interested in pressotherapy for other reasons, please contact Proline Barcelona. We have more than 22 years of experience, time to meet the needs of a wide and heterogeneous range of customers. Once our customers try our pressotherapy products, they confirm and attest to the benefits of pressotherapy!